Customer Information

If you plan to order our products, we would like to inform you about the following:

The major features of our products and the period of validity can be found in the technical specifications and the licensing information page.

The presentation of our products is not a binding offer. Only the order from you is a binding offer according to §145 BGB. After finishing the order process, we send you an email with the fulfillment confirmation. This completes the sales contract between you and us.

Input errors in the Order Form can be corrected by re-entering a new value right before pressing the confirmation button..

The prices listed on the products do not include VAT, because we are not allowed to charge VAT on our invoices by the application of the small business regulation according to §19 UStG.

You can pay by Bank transfer or Paypal.

Our Software will be sent out by email.

We store the wording of the contract and send it to you by email together with our terms and conditions. The terms and conditions can also be read here.

The purchase contract is made with:
Ralf Handrich