License Agreement

Commercial License

Only one single commercial license is required throughout a company. If you want to create several software products with AHid.dll, you only need one commercial license overall, as long as you develop only for yourself.

The company that markets the software products together with AHid.dll must be the licensee. So if you develop for another company, that company must be the owner of the commercial license of AHid.dll.

You have the option to use AHid.dll solely in-house or you can ship AHid.dll together with your software products. Two pricing models are available to reflect this. The price is found in the Order Form.

You are not allowed to build any kind of function wrapper around AHid.dll. Also you are not allowed to let your customers use the AHid.dll function interface directly. It is stricly forbidden to sub-license AHid.dll to your customers.

The license you buy is only valid for the version of AHid.dll that you buy. This version is always the latest version regarding the day of purchase. The version number is listed in your license.

If you have any questions to the commercial license, please drop us a line.

Private License

A private license to be used by private persons is not available.