License Agreement

Commercial License

'User' license

The 'User' license is valid for a Windows User Account on a single PC. The validation is done by using some hardware and User Account information. So, changing the hardware or the User Account information may lead to an invalid license.

'Ping' license

The 'Ping' license requires Internet access. The validation is done by pinging some websites of large and global companies. If none of the pings are answered, there is no Internet and the license becomes invalid. This test is done anytime AHid.dll is used - in the background and without any interference with its normal behavior.

A validation of the license by our website is not essential for a proper usage of the AHid.dll. Therefore, it is guaranteed that the AHid.dll will still work even if our company does no longer exist.

'Temporary' license

The 'Temporary' license is valid for a few months. The number of months is selected during the order transaction. After this time has elapsed, the license becomes invalid.

By manipulating the Windows System Time, the license may also become invalid.

All licenses

You are not allowed to develop any kind of 'Function Wrapper'.

You have to make sure that your customers have no access to the AHid.dll function interface.

A Sub-license is forbidden.

Trial license

The Trial license does not require a license key and is limited to a temporary period of a few weeks.