USB HID Host Driver for Windows

What is AHid.dll?

AHid.dll is an easy-to-use USB HID Host Driver for Windows. You can use it to program in C++, LabVIEW or any other language that supports the common DLL approach. Its straight forward concept with read(), write() and find() functions allows you to develop USB HID applications in minutes.

So, stop wracking your brain and start USB HID development using AHid.dll!


The downloadable version of the software is for private users only and comes without warranty. Companies can write us an email for information about a commercial usage.

The following demo projects are available:

The downloadable version of the software has some restrictions such as usage at your home only, passing it to another person is not allowed, and a restart is required after an hour or so.


AHid.dll is an easy-to-use USB HID Host Driver for Windows. Its straight forward concept allows you to build USB Host applications in minutes. It supports 32 and 64 bit Windows Operating Systems.

AHid.dll can separate the functions of your USB Composite Device into several data pipes for individual access. And it can detect your HID devices automatically.

AHid.dll supports plug and play, so you can connect or remove your USB device without data loss. It also uses asynchronous data transfer. This will avoid freezing your application while waiting for a data transfer to finish.

AHid.dll can connect to Input and Output pipes concurrently. It can send and receive Reports with standard ID (zero) and any other ID as well.

Use it with Low- and Full-Speed USB devices. There is no additional driver required (in contrast to CDC and virtual COM Port).


If you have any questions, just drop us a line.